ISA Anokhina has been spent half a million

Айза Анохина оправдалась за потраченные полмиллиона
Ex-wife of rapper Guf told about hard life in Bali.

Айза Анохина оправдалась за потраченные полмиллиона

Svetlana Anokhina

Photo: @aizalovesam Instagram ISA Anokhina

A few days ISA
Anokhin celebrated in Bali on the birthday of his son, Sam, who
was 6 years old. Just reported on the triumph, the ex-wife of rapper
Gufa spent half a million rubles. Friends of the boy, which was about 20
man, spent a fun day at the pool, enjoyed the seafood and
entertainment with animators, and in the evening for invitees hosted Paar show.
However, the next day after a holiday in Aizu was hit by a wave of condemnations and
criticism. Fans Anokhina was shocked by her extravagance, and the star
later had to justify to fans.

Sam, the son of ISA Anokhina and rapper Guf

Photo: @aizalovesam Instagram ISA Anokhina

It turned out that this “big” spending on children’s party was related to the high exchange rate of the ruble. What ISA hastened to inform in their microblog. “Hello! Decided to speculate again, this time about life on the island. Once upon a time, when the dollar did not exceed 30 roubles, many have passed their apartments and moved to Asia in search of beautiful and carefree life. There was a crisis! The dollar rose to almost 70 rubles (as of today), now the apartment that you rented, was worth two times cheaper! Many left the island, because I just do not what to live! Bali island is expensive! A trip to the store minimum 2 300 000 rupees which is about 13,000 rubles. Dr Sam has bought products more than 11 000 000 rupees. To have enough for everyone! Pounds of shrimp for about $ 1000. Animation and TD 10 000 000 rupees! Decoration about 3 000 000 rupees! Cakes 2 000 000 rupees! And it’s not the entire list of costs! This is a huge myth that living in Asia is cheap!” — told ISA.

By the way, very soon Anokhina will become a mother for the second time. Recall that ISA and her husband
Dmitry Anokhin met in Bali in the summer of 2015, and in October, the pair played
wedding in Las Vegas. Now she is four months pregnant and constantly shared with fans the news of his interesting position. Recently, it became known that the ISA is expecting a boy, and later she told about how to treat pregnant mom her son from her first marriage — Sam. “I was glad Sam learned about the replenishment of the family? Is not the word! As he jumped for joy! Every day checks the program on my phone, how grown baby. Belly kisses and hugs me more often than before! And indeed loves me so much!” — Anokhin wrote in his microblog.

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