Айза Анохина жестко раскритиковала Викторию Боню
Famous TV presenter Victoria Bonia actively engaged in his microblog in Instagram.

Айза Анохина жестко раскритиковала Викторию Боню

Bonya often writes comments about any situations or leave words of admiration under the posts of famous people.

But socialite ISA Anokhina such attention Victoria unpleasant and she decided to speak out about this.

Айза Анохина жестко раскритиковала Викторию Боню

“Instagram” was specifically to bare, in every sense of the word, hungry women. Direct ugh, nasty. One Bonia worth. I don’t know why, because I did not read it, but under each post of all people see her drooling. And I was going to kill her fans, but the main thing in a woman is her dignity. And if not, it will not be worthy of next. A perfectly logical parallel, right? Almost everyone now has a price tag and, and it’s sad. And all because of the inability to use their abilities. Well. Officially declare that the era of escort services open”, – wrote in his microblog ISA.

But soon this post has disappeared from Instagram Anokhina, maybe she decided to take back his words and realized that was a little hasty.

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