ISA Anokhina first told, suffered the loss of a child

Айза Анохина впервые рассказала, как перенесла потерю ребенка Designer never told about the tragedy in their family. Anokhin admitted that it had happened a little over a year ago. Only after a while she managed to get pregnant again. From ISA and her husband Dmitry was born the son of Elvis.

      Айза Анохина впервые рассказала, как перенесла потерю ребенка

      Svetlana Anokhina – a happy mom of two wonderful sons and a successful businesswoman. Celebrity skillfully built a life schedule. She manages to combine motherhood and management of a beauty salon. Ahead of the release of the project “Pregnant. After” on the channel “Home”, which starts on 17 April, “StarHit” asked Anokhina, slightly more than a year ago she and her husband Dmitry lost the baby. Earlier, the woman did not speak to anyone on this subject, as it was hard for her.

      “Dima was waiting for the baby, but didn’t want to publicize this event, known only to close friends. However, after a while it somehow learned a huge number of people, and even the press. It so happened that I lost the baby in the third month,” said ISA.

      As admitted Anokhina, she believes that the public learned that she was preparing to become a mother, Alena Vodonaevoy. Last year women stopped to chat, and nobody could understand why it happened. According to celebrity, the quarrel was inevitable, as time and again there were tense moments between them.

      “I do not blame this misfortune Alain, I just didn’t want people to know about other people. You know, there were things that I told her, thinking that she is my closest person. But not only this story was the impetus of our argument,” said ISA.

      Anokhin happily tells subscribers in social networks, which grow her sons. According to ISA, becoming a mother for the second time, she changed her approach to parenting. She tries to spend more time with the heirs, although sometimes she has a hard time.

      “How I rejoice in those moments when Elvis was asleep or busy toy. On my back hump, hands hurt and now put to bed his hour and a half, the thigh muscle was damaged! He is almost 10 pounds, well, 8,800, I guess: heavy and such a manual, and this is my mother, that the roof began to move out,” shares ISA in the microblog moments of life of the younger son.