ISA Anokhina enchanting was discharged from the hospital

Айза Анохина феерично выписалась из роддома
New mommy bragged figure in underwear on the fifth day after birth.

Айза Анохина феерично выписалась из роддома

ISA Anokhin with her husband and newborn son Elvis

Photo: @aizalovesam Instagram ISA Anokhina

ISA Anokhin has transformed the appearance of her second child in a show. First, she gave birth to virtually live, and five days later, she organized enchanting discharged from the hospital.

If the majority of parents are limited in this important family day with bouquets of flowers and gifts, the ISA decided that the statement of her younger son Elvis must be present… animators in costumes of bears! They, by the way, was responsible for the festive event have a lot of balloons. To be discharged were invited immediate family and friends ISA and her spouse Dmitry Anokhin.

Svetlana Anokhina

Photo: Instagram aizalovesam ISA Anokhina

Incidentally, on arrival home, the first thing that made Anokhina — a selfie in the mirror in underwear. She, as she admitted, was eager to capture her figure after giving birth to memory. “The whole pregnancy I have not weighed not gonna start now! I important not the numbers on the scale, in appearance, elastic athletic body and good mood from the sport, admitted ISA. — Yes, I’m after the COP about the intense workouts of the question, the doctor said 2 months! But! There is massage and there is proper nutrition (which I have departed only in the first trimester, but quickly recovered to end the pregnancy adhered to the PP)”