ISA Anokhina doesn’t want to have anything to do with the rapper Body

Айза Анохина не хочет иметь ничего общего с рэпером Гуфом Businesswoman outraged by the phrases ex-husband that she is his family. ISA Anokhin said that more than likely hurt her in disse Gufa. The star’s Instagram hinted that she has no plans to be friends with the ex-spouse and there is no happy ending in the relationship is not expected.
Айза Анохина не хочет иметь ничего общего с рэпером Гуфом

Businesswoman and star of “Instagram” Svetlana Anokhina in an interview Amirana Sardarova for vloga “Diary Hacha” evaluated the behavior of her ex-husband rapper Guf, which is several times their posts and Discom tried to hurt her and her family. ISA Anokhina publicly humiliated Gufa

ISA gave to understand that the indignant words Gufa. “He hurt me for a long time now, but the sense of injustice I have occurs when the Guf is talking about me and Sam, “my family”, – said the businesswoman. We were once his devoted family sat and waited, and he didn’t appreciate. I say: we are not his family.”

ISA Anokhin said that his behavior Guf can destroy well-being in her new home.

“Imagine – she turned to Amirana. You love a woman, and you began to write her ex. And things that can hurt a man and to crack in my family. I have to justify, although not done anything wrong. He does. It’s overkill, but Gufan out what he really thinks”.
Айза Анохина не хочет иметь ничего общего с рэпером Гуфом

Businesswoman also told me that her social networking fans attack ex-husband, trying to provoke. ISA claims that it does not intend to remain silent.

“Now I’m going to do, Diss to Diss. Do not plan to become an information occasion is available, just want to be heard, my dream is to plug Gufa, to make my family nobody was hurt,” – shared the creative plans of the ex-wife of rapper.

It should be noted that devoted fans ISA Anokhina remember that former spouses for the first time after the divorce, managed to maintain good relations. Gough spoke with the son of Sam and even managed to make friends with her new husband ISA. However, in an interview Amirana Sardarova the woman gave to understand that a return to dialogue in the same format will not, and fans should not count on a happy ending.

“I don’t treat him bad, he pissed me off! says about the Body ISA. I’m just the mother of his child and nothing more. Don’t want to be his friend, we have nothing in common. And anyway, I’m too old for him. I grew up, and he didn’t. Passport Gufu 38 years old but is actually 14”.

ISA also hinted that it intends to limit the communication ex-husband with a son because of his addiction to potent drugs. “I want Alex to recover from drug addiction, said the ISA. – To raise a healthy child, it is necessary to be healthy. I left him because he could make me happy, and I, respectively, could not raise a happy child.”