Айза Анохина решилась на модные инъекции The star of social networking have resorted to injections of beauty. As admitted by the designer, for a long time she did not dare to augment the lips. Only after the birth of second son Elvis ISA realized her old idea.

      Designer and businesswoman Svetlana Anokhina fully immersed in the work. A mother of two children, engages in the discovery of the beauty and design of its interior, and with the sons sitting grandmother. While she is busy recruiting staff in the Ai Lab, where professionals will create new images of the addressed clients. The salon opened in the centre of Moscow the very next day after my birthday ISA, on Sunday. In the microblog Anokhina encourages social network users to sign up to the specialists of Studio of beauty and provides examples of makeup and manicure, which make the master.

      After the birth of her second son, ISA decided on some changes in appearance. Just a couple of days the mother of two children began to fight for a slender body, a few weeks later, she moved on treatments to improve certain parts of the body. Anokhin changed the shape of the lips, using a special beauty shots.

      “I want to confess something. I did what I had dreamed the whole pregnancy. Slightly increased the lips, I’m so happy” – confessed to the ISA.

      However, in the picture Anokhina posing in hijab, therefore, result from injections of hyaluronic acid invisible. “The main thing that you yourself in the mirror like”, “well Done, Ah! All dreaming and doing is not harmful! Because you make yourself happier,” “ISA, as long as you are not tightened. And so good for you that fulfill their own desires”, “of Course, you need to do as you want and never refuse!” – supported the choice of a young mother and her followers.

      By the way, in addition to changes in the shape of the lips, ISA tried to experiment with the color of the eyes. “After the birth I really wanted a change in appearance: looking for a new style of clothing and even a new style photos in “Installme”, but with the eye color already defined. Lenses are extremely comfortable in wearing eyes breathe the whole day, and most importantly, they cover dark color eyes as me. There are still blue eyes and I dream about the emerald green,” explained Anokhina, uploading a picture in a new way. Some commentators praised her choice, and others felt that with the native color of the eyes it looks brighter.