ISA Anokhina complained of panic attacks

Айза Анохина пожаловалась на панические атаки
Fans worried for the health star Instagram.

Svetlana Anokhina

Photo: Instagram

After her divorce from rapper Body ISA married
businessman and surfer Dmitry Anokhin. They bring together seven
son of Sam from his first marriage ISA and General child — year-old
baby Elvis. Anokhin often talks about how she is happy in a second marriage
but her work schedule is constantly oversupplied becomes an occasion for scandals
and conflicts.

Work in non-stop mode afflicts not only
family Anokhina, but negatively
impact on her health. In his Instagram ISA publicly complained
on unimportant emotional state. ISA said fans I experienced a panic
attack: “We were at home. Elvis I got and went to her husband
to watch Stand up. Lie and feel that I can’t breathe. Here is a direct hard
breathe! Analyze their condition. My husband tries to talk to me, joking, and I just don’t see his information.
And then I realize that this is the beginning of a panic attack.”

ISA explained that this has already happened to her, but she kept
problem a secret. Now, Anokhin told my husband. It is known that panic attack
are signs of disturbance of the nervous system, they are difficult to control. “I have little
energy and work
seven days a week — it’s not about me. It was the call that we urgently need all
change! And need rest! I’m already dreaming about the beach, the ocean and my
children and husband were always there!” — posted by ISA.

Fans of the star expressed her words of support
and spoke about his experience of this disease.