ISA Anokhina after giving birth regained perfect figure in record time

Айза Анохина после родов вернула себе идеальную фигуру в рекордные сроки
Star came out of maternity leave two weeks after birth.

Svetlana Anokhina

Photo: @aizalovesam Instagram ISA Anokhina

If a lot of girls in order to return to the “Dobermann” form takes a lot of time ISA Anokhina, as it turned out, this task is not something difficult to achieve. Since the advent of the second son star — Elvis it’s only been two weeks, and the girl is already showing incredible figure fans. Moreover, ISA was made cesarean section, so to do sports she is forbid by the doctors.

The only secret revealed Anokhina on the process of returning the old figures — “sport for the lazy” or otherwise — cellulite massage. A young mother almost immediately after my second child was born I began to think about how to apply to professional therapists for help.

By the way, the ISA did not “stay” home with the baby today for the first time and went to work. Maternity leave ex-wife of rapper Guf lasted only two weeks. However, from the filming of the program “Zvezdoj” the girl was unable to refuse. His son ISA took shooting with me. “The kid with me! Fully breastfed vskarmlivanie, without pumping and bottles! Only him, me and my Breasts!” reassured Anokhina subscribers, which was about to criticize a young mother. “It’s great that you feed it , don’t leave, and that many now give birth to give birth to and raise!” — wrote fans.