ISA Anokhina admitted that increased the lips

Айза Анохина призналась, что увеличила губы

The star did not hide that he is keen on beauty treatments.

In the pursuit of the ideal star is often in virtue of their capacity to appeal to cosmetologists, and even plastic surgeons. For many years lip augmentation and Botox have become common procedures that can afford every woman.

ISA is not the first time itself enhances the lips, but during pregnancy not abused beauty shots.

“I want to confess something. I did what I had dreamed the whole pregnancy… Slightly increased the lips!” – shared ISA subscribers.

By the way, Anokhin, one of those instagram stars who try to be honest with the public. A million fans of the star congratulated the ISA with the performance of a small dream and said that well, that she began to experiment during pregnancy.

Recall that after the first birth, the ISA increased the Breasts, what eventually regretted.

“I am very often in your life promise. So much, I’m myself sometimes don’t believe, but one thing sure, in my chest in my life is no longer to be something foreign. Still regret that I ruined what was once a very perfect chest. Well, nothing! This is my biggest lesson and a kind of karma for vanity in relation to the body. For a perfect body needs a sport, not a scalpel of a doctor. Although I do not exclude circular facelift in 60 years,” complained the public ISA.

Meanwhile, a former friend ISA Alain Vodonaeva fulfilled his lifelong dream, and reduced chest.

“All my life I dream about small Breasts. This desire was passed on to me from my mom, which also luxurious forms. I had hoped that as soon as the face of their first child, immediately do the surgery. After my pregnancy Bogdan’s chest, but son is already three years old, and I was not able to address this important question time,” complained the media personality to subscribers.

Specialist found, day X is assigned, and now Vodonaeva will be able to boast a more modest chest size.