ISA Anokhin was subjected to harassment in school

Айза Анохина подверглась травле в школе The designer said that in the transition to adulthood was a difficult child. She loved to learn, and the early rise in school for her was a real pain. Also ISA Anokhin told about the fears that haunt her today.

ISA Anokhin told what a girl was in school. The designer openly admitted that he did not like to study, and she was drawn to fashion and boys. She even organized riots against teachers and strict discipline. The difficulties ISA said in the video: “together”.

“In fifth grade… I remember a bunch of negative emotions. I remember some impressions of seventh grade. But in eighth grade, I felt the power. Grade 9 was actually a Queen! There were different youth”, – said ISA.

ISA told me that she was difficult to maintain the status of the most beautiful and coolest girls in the class. “I did a lot of walk, I had a lot of problems… a Difficult teenager. I was very bad, went on a high platform, with drooping jeans. I told the teacher: “do you Have pubic hair visible! Go get dressed!”. In 9th grade I got kicked out of school,” shared the celebrity.

The celebrity explained that she only loved the lessons of Russian language and literature, but the teacher for these subjects, I hated it. In one lesson the teacher set ISA 13 deuces. Mom Anokhina decided to move daughter to another school.

“There we formed a company which fashionably dressed! One time we staged a rebellion against the school uniform, came in pajamas. But teachers sometimes allowed us to Express individuality. In the end, I did well in high school, I only have two of the three, the rest four-five”, – said ISA.

ISA remembered that the first friends she had just appeared in adolescence. “I don’t remember how we became friends, but I guess we were bound by the love of fashion! Loved to dress up, we liked clothes and boys, but not very liked us to learn! I remember crying to my mom, but she never climbed in my personal life. And I realized that school, she’s a temp, she’s great, but short,” explained ISA.

The designer shared that he always falls for the wrong guys. The first guy was tethered a young man, who could easily spend the night at the station. “Heavy relationship, passionate, tears, stress, fight…” added ISA.

The celebrity said that he has always been happy with the looks. According to her, she was slim build may not fit into the standard canons of beauty, but still loved my body. But what about the profession ISA did not know until recently who would like to work. “I don’t even know who people want to be, who to work with… a kid?! For example, I wanted to sell fruit and vegetables”, – said the designer.

But contrary to a child’s dream ISA has received two higher educations, to learn to be an economist and a lawyer. However, as recognized by a celebrity, diplomas she was not useful. ISA regrets only that many years lost in the walls of the University.

Also ISA shared that she fears for the future of the two sons. She told me that he lost many friends who died from drugs.

“Drugs are definitely the Bane of my generation. I hope our children will not be stuck… I died a lot of friends. Rather, have died from drugs. I believe that this disease is a deadly disease. From it anyway die. Of drugs there is no way out. If you are not dead physically, then you’re dead inside. Drugs never made anyone cool… Sick, Yes,” – said Anokhin.