ISA Anokhin tries to cure his son

Айза Анохина пытается вылечить сына A young mother is seriously concerned about the state of little Elvis. The social network ISA Anokhina shared with subscribers of details about the health of the child. It turned out that the boy picked up a local virus.

      Now a well-known businesswoman ISA Anokhin together with her children and her husband are in Bali. But unfortunately, a family vacation was marred by the illness of the youngest son Elvis. A woman worries about the health of your baby and tries as soon as possible to help him recover.

      “Wow! This is the night: after me and Elvis temperatures! Barking cough in the baby and fear in the eyes of the parents… Well, I’m Thrifty rat. The entire kit? Brought down the temperature twice already! Somehow put! And sit. Experience… Although I did not submit the form. Oh. It’s hard when mashabiki sick… I already recovered dramatically. And you, my good? We probably need to get up all on my feet! Because soon in Moscow to go! Balinese virus chickenpox, the main Moscow not to catch” – wrote in the microblog Anokhin.

      Maybe the kid just got it from senior – suggest in the comments ISA. It turned out that the symptoms described by the woman is familiar to many podeschi and their children. Fans supported the business lady and wished her and the heir to a speedy recovery and inquired about his treatment.

      “A lot of liquid. Eating less frequently. So pour a lot of water. Well, I live on the ocean and very high humidity. Sweat all. But I laid a wet rag still in the room. Do wet cleaning. Washed the nose spray and drops and blow snot every hour. Tomorrow we leave for Bali, there’d be bagging. The baby is spitting up phlegm and laughs. Dad in shock. Well Sam there is something to do and he’s not playing Elvis, so as not to get infected. I have been reading your messages turned pale, cried, but I’m sure our boy quickly goes on the amendment. Constantly repeat to yourself that all children get sick, just when you’re on a wild island and back to civilization 14 hours by car and ferry, it becomes uncomfortable. Oh. Well, nothing. We are a family healthy and strong. All will be good! Sorry to whine! My husband just whine and not want it and so face no fear! After the first child, and he doesn’t know how to be. Although with Sam, it is not less frightened when Sam also had a cough a month ago and had all the same symptoms! Went to the hospital, said Krupa no whooping cough! Remember yourself as a child, I was constantly coughing that stupid barking! Yes, that really a child! Yesterday woke up with the same symptoms!” – posted by Anokhin.

      But despite all the difficulties, the ISA understands that they are temporary and wants to give to another child. Belle admitted that he had already discussed with her husband the issue of replenishment in the family. Spouse Dmitry also doted in the heirs and dream about big and friendly family. ISA Anokhina is preparing for the arrival of a third child

      By the way, today, March 20, a businesswoman for the first time showed the face of the crumbs. Prior to that, she filmed Elvis from a distance or in profile, hiding it from prying eyes. The toddler appeared in the microblog celebrities.