ISA Anokhin tries to artificially induce labor

Айза Анохина пытается искусственно вызвать роды Ex-wife of rapper Guf complained of prolonged pregnancy. Baby ISA Anokhina not in a hurry to be born, although the timeframe of the star it is time to give birth. The expectant mother takes action that will help quickly go to the clinic, but while her efforts are futile.

      Designer and blogger ISA Anokhina, which deadlines at the end of September was to become a mother, still have not went to the clinic. While she has no reason not to start at birth.

      Pregnancy the star is clearly delayed that she is not very happy. ISA admitted that he has already started to take some attempts to induce labor. However, while the efforts of the expectant mother do not give results. The child of a celebrity and her spouse Dmitry Anokhin is not in a hurry to be born.

      “The kid in me is warm, delicious and cozy, although I already do, so he came out, admitted the expectant mother in the microblog. – I squatted, danced until four in the morning, and one more thing. Son talk with dad, tell him that this world is beautiful, and we are waiting for and love very much. But our commander has other plans. Honestly, I’m tired of talking about pregnancy and think about it more.”

      Not to dwell on his condition, ISA Anokhin tries not to sit at home and lead an active lifestyle even at a time when birth can occur at any time. “Stress work,” he continued expectant mother your post. – What are your plans tonight? Grocery market! And then to the warehouse to collect bows for a new photoset”.

      By the way, fans of the ISA Anokhina, read about her attempts to force childbirth, asking her not to rush things and share their experiences. It turned out that many subscribers will designer gave birth to their children at 41 and even 42 weeks of pregnancy.

      Someone jokingly suggested that the baby ISA and her husband Dmitry are waiting for wedding anniversary of parents, which they will celebrate on October 10, and will be born on this day. ISA Dolmatova got married for the second time

      Throughout the second pregnancy ISA Anokhina is a real diary in the blog where she talks in detail about their feelings while waiting for the baby. She often mentions her spouse Dmitry Anokhin. A man tenderly cares for his pregnant wife Pets her delicious dishes. ISA, who has found happiness in a second marriage, says his relationship with her husband is perfect. “Dima was sent to me by God, I am madly in love with my husband,” said celebrity in an interview. I thought that I can love like that. In our relationship there is this monstrosity of scandals, jealousy, obscure optics. I do not care where he is and with whom, I trust my husband.”