ISA Anokhin told about the health of the younger son

Айза Анохина рассказала о здоровье младшего сына
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ISA Anokhin, who in October of 2016 gave birth to her second
son, calling him Elvis, I decided to share with fans warm
memories of how all these months to grow and develop her babe.

“Now my boy has very big, and he is the funniest
man in the world — told ISA. — This is the type of people who amuse
own local doing not very much. Remember his first flight to Bali (Anokhin lives
in two countries — approx.
it was a great success. Here it is, very small, do not break, eats, sleeps and lies
for me — perfect! But it was imperfect, so is adaptation. She was
painful! For two weeks, then the diarrhea, the scrofula! Were conjunctivitis, and rash,
and temperature, and runny nose baby and cried and didn’t sleep… Everything’s back to normal soon
after 14 days. And then there were two more small flights, they, too, went well.
But back in Moscow, we were standing. Elvis was the cold, and climbed teeth. And
the whole flight he was chewing on my chin to the blood! In Moscow, too, was the adaptation, but
it is not so strong! The temperature was, snot, coughing, but also teeth…”

Now, when the kid already big, ISA could breathe
relief, but, according to her, this did not happen.

“Elvis grew up,
so now flying has become more difficult (for parents), ‘ she says. —
Have to amuse him, to distract, put,
again to entertain, and so the whole flight! Or rather two, because in Bali direct
there are no flights. While Sam and Chewie (eldest son and husband ISA — ed.) slept, I again stood
and it was his personal clown and for an hour rocked to sleep. She neither slept
minutes. From Chewie Elvis is not sitting in stressful situations, always with me. With
dad and he plays clean, but sleep is just me! Without children to fly
much easier, but without them I don’t want to… but maybe in the week sometime
together with your loved ones, it would be cool. But again, not in the coming years.”

Svetlana Anokhina

Photo: Instagram