ISA Anokhin, “the Son says that he has two fathers”

Айза Анохина: «Сын говорит, что у него два отца» Businesswoman spoke about the education of their sons and the income of the spouse. ISA Anokhin – one of the stars of “Instagram” for life which followed nearly a million users of the social network. A mother of two children manage to organize the work in a beauty salon, to star in the project and to arrange a romantic date with her husband.

      Айза Анохина: «Сын говорит, что у него два отца»

      Last year ISA Anokhin became a mother for the second time. The celebrity and her husband Dmitry was born the son of Elvis. The woman was not afraid to make a video with childbirth. According to ISA, it did not bother the camera. On the eve of the start of the project “Pregnant. After” on TV channel “Dомашний” ex-wife Gufa talked with “StarHit” and talked about who provides for their family, why is she not ready to stay and live in Bali and how many children planning to have more.

      ISA, how did your life change with the advent of the second child?
      Айза Анохина: «Сын говорит, что у него два отца»When I had Sam, I bypassed all “sharp corners” with the help of the nurse and the grandmother, but Elvis decided that I will take. Now I do all the household chores and also take care of the children. We have a babysitter, she comes for two or three hours a day while I deal with Sam. But by and large, education of the Elvis completely on me: I’m sleeping with him, change clothes, bathe and feed. I find it difficult to combine work and caring about sons. But I learned how to build a schedule. Now I returned to Moscow, and grandmothers sitting with the children while I work.—
      Sons similar?
      Айза Анохина: «Сын говорит, что у него два отца»They are totally different. If Sam is very active and loves to be the center of attention, Elvis we are the observer, calm and not demanding. Senior usually likes to go crazy, to jump and run, and Elvis was watching him. They are not similar in appearance or character. —
      You were discussing behind the scenes “Pregnant. After” other star moms raising kids? What valuable advice have they given you?
      Айза Анохина: «Сын говорит, что у него два отца»We talked to Sasha Zvereva on the education of sons. I often call her and ask how to get one or another crisis in a child. I had a lot of questions about the Semik, because he’s got issues, he is 6 years old. Now he becomes a grown boy. When toys are not so much interested in getting some understanding and a lot of other complex issues. Sometimes I ask for prompts to Sasha, she recently gave me great advice: just love him, whatever he did, love! —
      As husband took your shots in this project? Dima is a public person?
      Айза Анохина: «Сын говорит, что у него два отца»He doesn’t like to be surrounded by people. But the spouse knows that participation in this project is an important step for me. Dima understands that it’s my job. I am very grateful to my husband because he supported me. Probably, it is his Declaration of love. After all, he is a very private person, he never even had pages in social networks. Dima hate to be photographed, and if I take it off, do it from behind, until he sees. —
      As the husband treat you during pregnancy.
      Айза Анохина: «Сын говорит, что у него два отца»He’s very caring, like a grandmother (laughs). My husband always watched me to rest and lay, not overworked. He really cared and continues all the time worried about us. That’s probably why Elvis we have such a calm, because Dima was protecting me from everything, creating a dome that protected and hid me from the world.
      Айза Анохина: «Сын говорит, что у него два отца»
      Why have you decided to give birth to Elvis live? Were not scared?
      Айза Анохина: «Сын говорит, что у него два отца»I’m not scared of people, I’m not afraid of cameras. I absolutely did not hesitate, did his job, because he knew that by agreeing to this project, you must comply with all the conditions in order not to expose the team who practiced shooting. Even if I had thoughts that I don’t want to give birth in front of cameras, I held them back, because that would be unprofessional on my part.—
      Who is helping you to cope with the children? How to choose a nanny?
      Айза Анохина: «Сын говорит, что у него два отца»Basically, we with Dima Sami got the baby, but the babysitter we also have. Looking for her for a very long time: I watched as the woman talks, looks, how clean it is. When the house came Julia, I immediately realized that it suits us. A woman so beautiful and kind, she has two daughters with whom she comes to me. And most importantly – the nanny speaks excellent English.
      Айза Анохина: «Сын говорит, что у него два отца»
      And the children will be taught English?
      Айза Анохина: «Сын говорит, что у него два отца»Sam already fluent. Perhaps Elvis will soon speak in Indonesian language, but in Russian, of course, too.—
      You’re often left her husband to babysit the baby? Not afraid if Dima cares?
      Айза Анохина: «Сын говорит, что у него два отца»Not at all! When Elvis was very young, and I went to work, Dima stayed with him. Husband helped a lot. He took care of all my obligations relating to the salon, repair and other things, when childbirth was only a few days.—
      All wondering, what does your husband do?
      Айза Анохина: «Сын говорит, что у него два отца»He studied architecture and spent his entire life engaged in the construction. Dima completed orders in the cottages, which came to him from very influential people, and well-earned. After a while my husband opened his own business, he set him on his feet and began to travel the world surfing. He always dreamed about it. But Dima is a very responsible person, passion does not prevent him to follow his business.—
      Who earns more?
      Айза Анохина: «Сын говорит, что у него два отца»Of course, husband. My beauty is a gift from him.

      Can you have a romantic evening with Dima?
      Айза Анохина: «Сын говорит, что у него два отца»I’m a hopeless romantic and I always want to be in a relationship nothing changed. I really don’t like domestics. Recently, we began to organize a romantic evening with the children. Recently, when we were in Bali, the husband has fulfilled my deepest desire: I really wanted to watch the stars in a tent, but didn’t know how to do it. Dima found a transparent model, we were inside and watched the sky. On this day, the Indonesians celebrated New year: people on the island completely turned off the lights not working, even the airport. It was stunningly beautiful, it seemed that the visible milky way. Above you myriads of stars, and a number of sons and husband.—
      When you first met with the parents of Dmitry, how did they treat you?
      Айза Анохина: «Сын говорит, что у него два отца»They love me very much and we are friends. Sometimes, it seems to me that the parents of Dima love me more than him. Kidding! —
      Did you ever have a situation where you want to go from Dima? To file for divorce?
      Айза Анохина: «Сын говорит, что у него два отца»Of course, we fight, but never thought about the breakup. I can leave him in another room, but most likely, in a minute I’ll come running back to cuddle. Of course, with the advent of the baby when we are both long sleep and nerves on edge, sometimes quarrel, but we still get to live in peace. We are two adults, so try to find a common language, to compromise and to talk.—
      How Sam reacted to the new Pope?
      Айза Анохина: «Сын говорит, что у него два отца»It’s a pretty hard topic, because the son believes his dad Dima, and even had a couple times when he called it. But my husband really respects Lesha (Approx. Alexey Dolmatov, the father, the first son of ISA), so he talked to Sam. Dima explained to the child that he has a father, and he for a boy – best friend, the assistant and the man who will do anything for his happiness. Sam usually says in school that he has two dads: Alex and Dima.

      What was the reaction of Sam when Elvis was born?
      Айза Анохина: «Сын говорит, что у него два отца»He was very happy, but first she was jealous. Son is a bit inappropriately behaved, probably just an age. But now I know that I can leave Elvis with Sam and go to do things, I’m sure the kid will be fine. The younger loves older. I noticed that he can cry, but as soon as you hear the voice of Sam, and immediately starts to laugh. They have an incredible love.
      It is difficult with the boys?
      Айза Анохина: «Сын говорит, что у него два отца»Yes. Men like a crystal vessel, which need very careful. Girls are much stronger than boys. And this can be seen in childhood. All men need much more love, affection and care.

      Wonder about the appearance of the girls in your family?
      Айза Анохина: «Сын говорит, что у него два отца»I really want the baby, but I think that I have not yet worked out their karma, so I will give birth only to boys. Moreover, Dima asked for two more…—
      You and your family often fly to Bali… Why still not decided to move there permanently? What holds in Russia?
      Айза Анохина: «Сын говорит, что у него два отца»I love my country, I love Moscow. Will never leave here forever. Sometimes I’m angry at the capital, but it is my hometown. And parents live here. They don’t want to go anywhere.—
      How often Sam sees her father? Trust the child of her ex-husband or present at their meetings?
      Айза Анохина: «Сын говорит, что у него два отца»I want to see Alex more often. I insist that Alex called Sam, but he’s not always doing it. Very angry with him because of this. But he tries, even twice visited us in Bali. Sometimes Alex takes Sam to himself overnight, he made room in his apartment.—
      Sam had already made her debut as a model. Did he like it? Imagine him as a future star of a podium?
      Айза Анохина: «Сын говорит, что у него два отца»He did not like. He is a showman at heart, but does not like to be photographed and are unlikely to link their fate with a modeling career.

      What are the qualities I try to instill in your children?
      Айза Анохина: «Сын говорит, что у него два отца»The most important thing for me to grow up kind and loved our planet. Sam, for example, always picking up trash on the beach and it never scatters. I often tell him that he shouldn’t leave their kids dirty planet where they cannot breathe. —
      What would you like to change in your past if the opportunity presents itself?
      I guess I would like to meet Dima, 15 years old, but then wouldn’t Sam was born. So nothing.