ISA Anokhin: “the Envious surrounded me like snakes”

Айза Анохина: «Завистники окружили меня, словно змеи» Businesswoman became the heroine of the new season of the reality show “Pregnant”. In anticipation of the long-awaited premiere ISA Anokhin said “StarHit” friendship with Sasha Zvereva and relationships with Ermolayeva Nelly and his rap career and the reaction of the older son in her tracks.
Айза Анохина: «Завистники окружили меня, словно змеи»

33-year-old Svetlana Anokhina again became a participant of the reality show “Pregnant”, which six years ago gave birth to her son Elvis. Now TV presenter, singer and businesswoman will share her experience of motherhood and life in two countries. To see how the ISA to cope with two children, husband, work and travel can have on April 16 on “Dомашнем”.

According to ISA, she found a common language with Sasha Zvereva, who also participates in the project for the first time. The stars continue to communicate and outside the set. “She always remained my friend regardless of where we are. Of course, we turn to each other for advice. We are very friendly,” says Anokhin. In the new season of the reality show to the already popular heroines will be added to the presenter Nelli Ermolaeva.

“Was lovely to meet Nellie. She is a very good, positive and cheerful. There was a moment when I saw Nellie in the inexperience, which she experienced when she made the decision to birth unassisted or with a caesarean section. I’m very glad she made the decision and she gave birth,” – said ISA.
Айза Анохина: «Завистники окружили меня, словно змеи»

In the filming of “Pregnant women” was attended by the husband of a businesswoman – Dmitry. Spouse ISA eschews publicity and he again had to overcome themselves for the sake of the lady. Anokhin appreciates the efforts of a loved one.

Айза Анохина: «Завистники окружили меня, словно змеи»“He still hates to be photographed. Everyone who will watch reality TV, you will notice the tension of my husband. But I’m infinitely grateful that he knows how important this is to me. And I am grateful to the film crew, minamishinagawa stress for him and for my family as a whole,” recalls ISA.

Anokhina very busy schedule, and all is painted literally on minutes. She says she cannot sit idle. “I love to work and love the weekend. Even in Bali I try to actively spend your day walking with the kids somewhere, – said the presenter. I love work and love to feel needed. And the only way of dealing with stress for me is a dream. Sleep helps me to relax.”

Айза Анохина: «Завистники окружили меня, словно змеи»

Being in a permanent move, ISA is not often seen with children as she would have liked. For some time the eldest son stars Sam goes to school, located in Bali. Previously, he studied in Russia. “Of course, it’s hard for me given. But that’s life, I have work to do, – explains the young woman. We at the family meeting decided that for children the extra flights Moscow cold and stress is not needed.” As said ISA, the boy was sympathetic to the parents ‘ choice. “Sam loves to learn, but he is now, of course, difficult, – complains a celebrity. Training in Bali will be held in English, and he has to grab everything on the fly and to catch up with their peers.”

Recently, the ISA still Anokhin and performer of rap music. She recorded tracks under the name A(Z)IZA. 13 April, presenter and businesswoman debut mini-album “The Monkey”. On the cover of his first EP, star effectively posing with snakes.

“I was terrified before, but now posed with four snakes. I did recently very often recite the phrase that overcame my fears. Fears shackled, not allowed to move on, says the budding Grammy-nominated rapper. It is always better to look at the problem on the other hand, to study the issue and the fear goes away. So it was with snakes. For this cover I’ve studied their habits, behavior, and already during the shooting I realized that I was afraid to hurt them or to hurt, but in any case not afraid of them. The same applies to my envy. They are in my life like snakes. Thus was born the idea of this cover. Not for nothing do they say “snake man”.

Fans celebrities have already appreciated her style of readings due to the Diss on her ex-husband Gufa and aggressive single “Boeing”. ISA says that she writes the lyrics, and the music takes on a young bitolterol. For the creation of one song takes about a week Anokhina need time to think and immerse yourself in the memories. ISA also admitted that he is not afraid of matching her work with tracks Gufa. “We have totally different music, there is nothing to compare,” says a businesswoman.

ISA Anokhina harshly criticized escortis and secular society

Rap music is one of the most popular topics not only among the youth audience, but also among public figures. In February, Igor Matvienko suggested to think about the regulation of the artists of this genre. According to the producer, in most contemporary songs are actively promoting sex and drugs. ISA recognizes that not all of her newfound colleagues behave appropriately.

Айза Анохина: «Завистники окружили меня, словно змеи»“Yes, there are rappers who carry more responsibility for young people and not always doing it right. I’m in his songs just pastebejau relevant topics, mention that to be bad creatures,” – said Anokhin.

By the way, sometimes ISA asks for advice to other rappers, but collaborative tracks while recording wants. Have Anokhina already have a contender for the fit – the eldest son.

“Sam loves fun music, and pop songs that you can dance. My songs he was listening. I promised him that together we will write a song and take a picture of us in the clip” she said.