Айза Анохина рассказала о своем психиатре
The Internet star said about spring fever.

Svetlana Anokhina

Photo: Instagram

ISA Anokhina open up with your fans
reported that she observed a psychiatrist. However, many felt post
published by the star comic. “When you live all the time in the summer, says ISA not
feel the evil of the transition from the long winter in the crazy spring. Know
a lot of people whose condition deteriorated dramatically in the spring. I
always wondered, but my psychiatrist is not! In General, “no money, stay
there.” It would be cool if everyone went mad for good, would be such
cute harmless lunatics-flowers, and then,
judging by the comments, the world has gone mad”.

Recall now ISA with her husband and sons live in
Bali. However, even in the “Paradise on earth” following her stress. So, in February
Anokhin was shaken by the earthquake, which began on the island, which is popular
blogger wasn’t ready.

“I came home, changed clothes Elvis, Sam turned on the cartoon
husband spent to surf and went into the shower. Elvis with his nanny downstairs, Sam in his room
I’m in. Come out of the shower, it’s slippery to go, tiled floors, walk to chair —
and just going to dress up as started to shake the house… the earthquake! I hear
downstairs cries the nanny cries, Sam cries… Runs up to me, screaming! — told
Anokhin. And I’m starting to cover a laugh… I Think that’s a shock! But
in a head one thought: now it’s all over. Understand that Sam is better
out of the house!”