ISA Anokhin became a mother for the second time

Айза Анохина стала мамой во второй раз Guf ex-wife gave birth to a second son. She gave her lover Dmitry heir. Her husband was beside her during childbirth. Fans congratulate a celebrity with a joyful event in her family. ISA Anokhin and the newborn feel well.

      Ex-wife of rapper Guf ISAs Dolmatova has become a mother for the second time. The celebrity gave his beloved son Dmitry Anokhin. The happy event occurred on Monday evening in the perinatal center, located in the South-West of Moscow. The whole birthing process was filmed on camera. People who watched the stream, saw the suffering of ISA from fights.

      Fans rushed to congratulate the ISA on the birth of a second child. She Anokhina very glad that finally a son was born. Over recent weeks she repeatedly complained to his followers that sick of being pregnant.

      Initially, ISA Anokhin declared intention to give birth alone, without resorting to anesthesia and surgical intervention. However, at some point something went wrong and, according to the journalists, the celebrities still had to be operated on. ISA Anokhina decided to give birth live

      Throughout the nine months Anokhin told followers about their experiences and status in anticipation of the baby. After the middle of pregnancy, from ISA had the Allergy, she had to go on a strict diet.

      “Broke down and drove to the hospital. The baby is all good, but they put me on a strict diet, as I expected. Nothing starchy foods, sweet, salty, spicy, milky, greasy, no sausages, sausages, ham (though it and so didn’t eat any sauces. And so to the end of life. The food from the list of joys of life had, will be coming up with new dishes,” wrote the celebrity.

      Shortly before the appearance of the baby born ISA staged a fashion feast on the future of the child, which the Americans called baby shower. Anokhin organized an event in Hawaiian style probably missing Bali, where she lived for a long period of time. All the guests were transported in the atmosphere of the tropics. After the end of the feast she again thanked those present for what they gave her their attention.

      “I want to say again thank you to all my friends who came to celebrate with us. We didn’t need gifts, and Baby Shower was just an excuse to get everybody together. After all, I was in Moscow almost never happens, but if there are, then, working people, and time is short! And I miss all here so gathered all in one day! Sorry, many are unable to get! But I’m sure will soon be an occasion for all the fun to hang out and eat!”, – wrote ISA in the microblog.

      ISA was very lucky that my beloved Dmitry Anokhin heir. She loves her chosen time and again praised its unique qualities. ISA Anokhina revealed the truth about the new husband

      “My husband is very serious, intelligent, well-read. He’s off the grid, he doesn’t like to be photographed. Dima prepares delicious and always beautifully serves. He has a crazy cool sense of humor. I don’t know… He’s different. I have not been in my life. About her husband I can talk endlessly for a long time,” admitted Anokhina shortly before birth.