ISA admired the Body after the scandal

Айза восхитилась Гуфом после скандала The ex-girlfriend of rapper commented on his battle with Bird, which is scheduled for Tuesday in St. Petersburg. Despite an uneasy relationship with former lover, ISA is confident that he will win in a verbal duel.

On Tuesday, February 6, will be the long-awaited rap battle Gufa and Birds, which will be held at the site Versus Alexander Timartsev, better known as a Restaurateur. You know that part in fight Alexey Dolmatov has received two million rubles, and his opponent – million. Among the judges were Negative and Basta, who came together with a friend Kievstarom, a former member of “Mushrooms”.

In anticipation of the event, which promises to cause the same resonance as the confrontation of Oxymoron and Glory of the CPSU in August last year, journalists contacted the former beloved Gufa with ISA. Businesswoman have a very complicated relationship with the father of her son Sami. ISA and Alex repeatedly out, a few months ago, Anokhin and even released a Diss on the artist. The star of Instagram has threatened Dolmatovo ban on contact with the child. it is worth noting that Gough himself provoked the attack in his side, humiliating the current chosen ISA Dmitry Anokhin.

Despite the showdown with her ex-husband, ISA still considers him a talented performer. The star of social networks suggests that the Guf will win in battle. However, it is not going to root for ex-lover.

“Most likely, battle I will not watch. But I’m sure past me fail a letter in the upcoming battle. Of course I’m sure that would win it the Guf. Because no matter how evolved our relationship with Alex, his talent is no doubt,” – said Anokhin correspondents.

Anokhin believes that Gufa weak opponents. As suggested by ISA, David Nuriev (real name Birds – Approx.) it is unlikely he will write the text for the battle. According to the young woman, he is likely to appeal to the author on the side. Moreover, Anokhin is convinced that David is involved because of the money and the desire to attract attention to himself.

“Whether it’s a commercial battle? For the birds – Yes, it’s Commerce. For Guf, I think that’s unlikely. I think he called this number because they didn’t think they would give him the money – said the ISA. – And once given, it is to give back was probably not very cool. Although I know perfectly well that Gufu generally it is not necessary. As time for Gufa is taskbar. For Birds it infopovod to speak about it”.

Reporters also found Basta’s opinion in regard to the fight Gufa and Birds. The rapper said that the battle promises to be very interesting, as the performers really are in conflict. “This, “Santa Barbara” which lasts for many years, with his war of compromising evidences and facts from the past that bird has long threatened to name,” – quoted Basta The Flow.