Is Uma Thurman? This you have seen

Это Ума Турман? Такой вы ее еще видели

Fans don’t recognize star in new image.

46-year-old actress regularly attends social events and every year lots of new movie work. But in social networks Thurman appears infrequently, new photos of the Mind indulges fans once per month.

Therefore, seeing the new Minds, we have 300 thousand subscribers did not realize that this is the same Thurman, about which songs are sung and the film was shot.

Photo: Getty images, @ithurman
Это Ума Турман? Такой вы ее еще видели

Without a gram of makeup with unusually dark hair, fans were surprised the new image of the actress.

“Hello from Barcelona! Went back to work with Rodrigo cortés”, signed the 46-year-old star. Apparently, for the new picture of the Mind had to sacrifice his Golden-blonde.

“You are beautiful”, “You will go a new way”, “the Incredible hair color”, “I just did not know” “Most beautiful,” commented subscribers.

But it is worth noting that the new image of a star ages it and makes it unrecognizable. “You’re gonna get your Golden curls?” – asked those who did not like the new look Minds.

Recall that about a year ago, the star had already surprised the audience with a change in appearance. At the premiere of Thurman appeared with the “new face”: a completely smooth face, the modified shape of the eyes and unnatural facial expressions.

However, the makeup artist of the stars hastened to assure that the secret lies in the new makeover, but the audience didn’t believe him.

How you consider, whether has the right the star look like she wants to?

  • No, of course! She is a Hollywood star, and it must be equal to
  • If she wanted to look like…
  • Any person has the right to look as he wishes
  • Everyone has bad pictures!