Неужели это конец? Джоли сняла обручальное кольцо

The photos, taken by paparazzi, it is clear that the arm of the actress, no wedding ring.

With the actress sue for divorce with brad pitt the paparazzi just now managed to catch the star in people. 41-year-old Jolie got into a taxi with the children at the hotel Bel-Air in Los Angeles.

The hand is still painful looking Angelina wasn’t wearing her wedding ring. On the whole, the view, the actress was mourning. The star was dressed in a black dress and a black jacket. The image of a diluted beige ballet flats and bag the same color. Apparently, the actress is going through a divorce is hard, however, as brad pitt.

Recall, Jolie filed for divorce two months ago. Since then, the couple had to pour each other a lot of impartial information. Angelina insists on sole custody of the children, and pitt tries to defend his father’s rights. What is more painful, from the terrible scandal of divorce children suffer most, as always in this situation.

However, the couple were still able to agree about child custody. However, temporarily. All six children will live with mom. Pitt, meanwhile, will visit a therapist together with the children. And also will every week going to a psychologist. In addition, every week he will be tested for alcohol and drugs.