«Это нормально?» Стас Михайлов занял место Ольги Бузовой
In social networks discuss the new “the cover of” Esquire magazine.

«Это нормально?» Стас Михайлов занял место Ольги Бузовой

Olga Buzova

Photo: @buzova86 (Instagram Olga Buzova)

«Это нормально?» Стас Михайлов занял место Ольги Бузовой

Stas Mikhailov

Photo: @sergeiminaev Instagram Sergey Minaev

Sergey Minaev, the chief editor of the Russian edition of Esquire magazine, yesterday published a photo that “blew up” the social network. Proven fact: everything that is somehow connected with Olga Buzova doomed to success. It seems that the recent provocative the TV stars will become a popular meme.

On the eve of Olga showed fans a photo appearing on the cover Numеro Russia. It Buzova depicted surrounded by naked men. The itself provoked ridicule in social networks, and when in its place “appeared” Stas Mikhailov, things took a comical turn. Minaev using photoshop has replaced Olga to Stas, commenting on his creativity: “Finally completed the April artwork to be in trend!” It is possible that soon there will be other fantasies creative photo shoot Buzova.

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Incidentally, the joke about Mikhailov did not quite understand his wife — Inna (maybe it’s the naked men?). In his microblog she made a survey among subscribers asking whether they consider the resulting cover is “normal”? The majority replied “no”. However, most likely, the fans of the Stas are not interested in creativity Buzova, and therefore did not appreciate the joke Minaev.