Is the new lover Ben Affleck pregnant?

Неужели новая любовница Бена Аффлека беременна?
Looks like Affleck will be the fourth child.

Linsey Chukas at the award ceremony “Emmy”


The other day Ben Affleck first appeared with his mistress linsey Shukas (they’ve been Dating three months) on the official social event. Yes what! They came together at the prestigious ceremony television award “Emmy”. And 37-year-old fiancee Affleck was in a sense the heroine of the evening, and he just accompanied her. Because Lindsay is the producer in the team of the enormously popular evening show Saturday Night Live (“Saturday night live”), and since the show this season has won many awards in different categories, Suchas stood on the stage together with his colleagues and became one of those who won team and very prestigious awards.

And literally the next day a friend Affleck, paparazzi filmed on the street, and suddenly became noticeable that somehow not spotted in the midst of the solemn and noisy ceremonies, which were so many stars that no one particularly cared to the look of Lindsay. Now became visible rounded tummy mistress of Ben! Neither more nor less. Of course, no confirmation was received, but why 37-year-old successful woman not get pregnant Hollywood stars? If this is true, then Affleck will be the father of a fourth child. From Jennifer garner and has three children. And he, incidentally, still has not introduced his girlfriend.

True, they say, Affleck was not liked by the friends of Lindsay. All this wits, typical new York intellectuals, always showing his distancing from Hollywood and its representatives. They have on the show and the channel is full of talented Actresses and actors, so the bin for them is not such an important character with all its starry glory and power. In the night after the ceremony Lindsay introduced Ben to his colleagues, he joked a lot and tried to look in their eyes as attractively as possible. But they saw through it. Said then Shukas that he would do well to relax and sometimes to forget about your ego. And then, perhaps, he managed them a little laugh.