Это Воробьев? Фанаты не узнали своего кумира

From the first glance you might assume that this is not a famous actor, and Anatoly Novoseltsev from Sluzhebnyy Roman”.

One of the new images Vorobyova on Instagram surprised the fans with photos on followers looking not sexy macho man, and the man in the image of the protagonist of “Office romance”.

Modest hair, a mustache and thick-rimmed glasses some people do not immediately recognize Alexei in the picture and demanded an explanation – where is everyone’s favorite way handsome?

Photo: @alexsparrow, @alexsparrow
Это Воробьев? Фанаты не узнали своего кумира

“5 am… shot down For the day… Here it is! Almost confident look in the future was almost self-confident person!” – signed the sparrows.

As it turned out, for the sake of filming, Alex is willing to give up his macho image. However, following the unusual photo was followed by posts from the gym, where the actor demonstrates a perfect press.

“Preparing for the role. A month of classes. Dry 5 kg”, – shares his successes sparrows.

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