“Is it true? We’re getting married?” Egor Krid laughed at the wedding with Daria Lukinoj

«Это правда? Мы поженимся?» Егор Крид посмеялся над свадьбой с Дарьей Клюкиной
The singer has published the long-awaited post about the relationship with the winner of “the Bachelor.”

Daria Klyukina and Egor Krid

Photo: Social networks

Fans of Yegor creed waited for the publication about his relationship with Daria Lukinoj. With the release of the finale of “the Bachelor” aired almost three weeks, and all the while the audience waited for further developments. Lee will play singer wedding with the winner? There were rumors that creed and Klyukina broke immediately after shooting. However, followers of the pair did not want to believe in gossip, so they were waiting for an official statement from Egor.

Creed still enjoys the moment and does not disclose details of his personal life, attracting the attention of Network users. And on the eve in his microblog has footage filmed on a TV show parody where ridiculed his love affair with Lukinoj. “There are very talented parody, and this is one of the best! I was just fucking around in the voice!” commented live artist on the label Black Star.

In the video “Klyukina” (played by an actress with a speech impediment), suggests that after the end of the program she will become the bride of Egor in real life. “It’s all true? We gonna get married now?” she asked for “creed”. This was followed by his response: “Well, you f****was that? It’s a show.”

Now fans argue: Yegor thus put an end to the discussion of his relationship with Daria — or is he just once again fueled interest in this topic? Creed, by the way, for the second time publicly laughed at Lukinoj.

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