Is it really so little? Cheryl Cole announced the size of the alimony on the daughter

Неужели так мало? Виктория Дайнеко озвучила размер алиментов на дочку
The singer responded to the allegations of the former husband.

Victoria Dayneko

Photo: @victoriadaineko (Instagram Victoria Dayneko)

Divorce is Victoria Daineko and Dmitry Kleiman will be remembered by the public scandals and squabbles. If until recently the star couple were engaged in shifting each other of responsibility for the collapse of their marriage (Victoria hinted at the betrayal of Dmitri), currently the subject of a dispute between the former spouses is their common daughter. The girl’s father alleges that the singer restricts his communication with the successor. Recently ex-husband of the singer gave an interview in which he made charges against Victoria. She did not keep silent and revealed the amount of support received from the Kleiman.

“It’s strange when fathers who spend 10 thousand rubles a month for child support beloved child and find a convenient time to meet once in two months, tell such inadequate absurdities on camera. I would be ashamed. The case when the desire is always the possibility, if not a million excuses… Yes, and for the Mat thanks. Once everything falls into place: who is who and why everything is so!” — said Victoria.

Fans were amazed by the amount that Dmitry gives Victoria’s daughter. According to them, Kleiman could be more generous and help his ex-wife more, because this money is not even enough to pay for the work of assistants to care for the girl. At the same time, fans have no doubt that the artist herself will be able to put a daughter on feet. By the way, Dayneko argues that does not preclude the meeting between father and daughter, but insists that they were held in the daytime and at a neutral venue so as to let her ex-husband in her house, she doesn’t want.