Ирсон Кудикова вернула крупный долг Алле Пугачевой The conflict between the business partners broke a year and a half ago. Irson Kudikova took Alla Pugacheva large sums of money for the development of school talent, but the Diva did not see and was forced to go to court in order to recover the debt.

      Ирсон Кудикова вернула крупный долг Алле Пугачевой

      Two years ago, Alla Pugacheva and a graduate of “star Factory-5” Irson Kudikova opened a nursery school talents. From those who did not rebound, and after the first Studio appeared in Moscow and the second center. Talented children aspired to become students of the school of the Future Star and get the opportunity to develop their natural abilities. Despite this success and demand, the relationship between business partners became more and more strained. As it turned out, Irson took Pugacheva large sums of money for the development of the school, but the specific results, the Diva did not see. But now, almost all the material issues have been resolved. Irson returned the entire amount.

      C a financial point of view, the matter is settled – money Alla Borisovna Irson returned in full, commented “StarHit” Marina Murashova, lawyer Alla Pugacheva. But at the moment there are a number of technical issues that do not yet allow us to stop the trial. Recently registered release Alla of the companies of the Future Star Family club and signed a settlement agreement. But until we approve it in court. Once this is done, any proceedings will be terminated.”

      Recall that initially the former partners are unable to negotiate peacefully and to solve financial issues without the involvement of outsiders. Alla was forced to go to court to recover from the graduate of “factory of stars” is quite a considerable sum of money, seven million roubles and 200 thousand dollars. Besides, during this time, accumulated interest, which Kudikova also was in no hurry to give.

      Irson Kudikova gave Alla Pugacheva apartment Moscow at the expense of debt

      The lawsuit Diva was fully satisfied. Two center for the education of children was divided between the former partners. Alla Borisovna has got the premises on Novy Arbat, and Irson Kudikova continued to work in the “Italian quarter”. However Kudikova and not paid fully the debt. Fines from the occupied seven million accrued so far. Despite the fact that funds to return the debt at Irson enough, a businesswoman in no hurry to settle with Alla Borisovna.

      “This time we are talking about 50 thousand dollars, – told “StarHit” the lawyer Pugacheva Marina Murashova. – Sorry, had to take this step: initially we wanted to conclude the agreement, even go on some concessions, but thus, the issue again failed to solve. Certainly, Alla Borisovna is very worried every time regret Irson, say, suddenly she has no money… But it’s not. According to experts who recently assessed the property of Kulikovo, its sales enough to cover the whole amount of debt – old and new, and even penalties for late payment. Therefore, if the money will not be refunded in the shortest possible time, the apartment and other real estate in the Executive production put up for auction”.

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