Ирина Цывина снова стала вдовой

Russian actress Irina Zybina was widowed again. With her third husband, businessman Alexander by Blagonravova she lived for a year, and when he was in the hospital with pneumonia, first to even hear about this, and for a few days before his death even made a scene at the hospital.

64-year-old businessman was in the hospital with inflammation in early February. His condition was assessed as severe and, unfortunately, doctors were unable to save him. Relatives of Alexander appealed to the Zybina for a feasible financial assistance, but she refused them. She came to the hospital and after the call of doctors, stating that they are with Alexander only formally husband and wife, and really she doesn’t care about his condition.
All this time next to Blagonravov in the hospital was his new girlfriend, Irina also. With her Zybina and quarreling, appearing in the house of Alexander a week before his death. The actress called the new mistress of her husband an impostor and kicked her out of the room.
“I talked to Irina. She is a respectable woman and unlike Zybina very warm feelings towards Sasha. In the hospital he lay for about three weeks. Only when I got there, the doctors immediately contacted Zybina. But she replied that, they say, with Alexander they broke up and she any relation to it has not already. Moreover, when she asked Sasha’s son from his first marriage, Alexander also asking for help financially, as treatment is expensive, she replied that she had no money. And then completely stopped answering phone calls. But at some point, still decided to go to the hospital and there met a new woman of her husband, which is bezotluchno was with Blagonravova, forbade the doctor to let her” — told reporters a friend of the deceased.
Recall that finally the couple parted last year. Irina left the apartment in the capital, and Alexander was left in a country house. When in the life of a businessman has a new love, he wanted to divorce Zybina, but she flatly refused. According to friends Blagonravova, the quarrel with the lawful wife, and led to premature death of the entrepreneur.