Irina Viner openly talked about the unique family of Alina Kabaeva

Ирина Винер откровенно рассказала об уникальной семье Алины Кабаевой
A famous coach, told about the difficult period in the life of athletes.

Alina Kabaeva and Irina Viner


On the eve of Alina Kabaeva celebrated birthday: the famous athlete was 34 years old. To this day, Irina Viner gave a Frank interview in which he spoke about what a long and arduous journey she, along with Alina overcame on the way to numerous victories.

Irina believes that the success Kabaeva starring her family. “Alinine parents are special people. The dad is a famous football player, and mother I can call my own sister. I think we had with Alina would not have achieved so much if not for her mother. We can say that we raised a daughter together. Sometimes we are even confused who’s the coach and who is the mother. Everything is so intertwined that we really became as if of one blood!” says Wiener.

The Wiener explained that in her relationship with Kabaeva was not always so smooth. There was a time when she was in conflict with his ward. “Periods was very hard. Especially when Alina was a teenager, the formation of character, — Irina remembers. But together we all survived, and passed through a very severe test which the Lord gives only very strong people. And the main merit in our success of the Aline. Her talent, her sun-like smile and, most importantly, the same solar charge inside allowed her to achieve what she has achieved”. Kabaeva, like many athletes, according to her coach, and passed through severe trials, but always found the strength to go on.

Recently, the capital has hosted the annual festival of rhythmic gymnastics “Alina”, which is Kabaeva. Irina appreciates the work of its “daughter” in that direction no less highly than her sports achievements. “Every time she tries to find the essence of what is needed today. We need our history, our stories, which children, unfortunately, are almost never read. Thanks to Aline the whole world saw how beautiful Russian literature and the heroes of our tales. How they are good, skilled, loving and capable of performing miracles. And put on the stage these characters the best gymnastic teams from all over Russia. The children performed in front of absolutely outstanding people, such as Valentina Tereshkova, Armen Dzhigarkhanyan, and many others. Even the world Championships in rhythmic gymnastics and the Olympic games not always collect a representative audience. And the play Alina people come. Come for the enormous charge of good energy, which can only bring the kids!” — quotes its Sport-Express.