Irina Toneva want to explore with your child

Ирина Тонева хочет познакомиться со своим ребенком The soloist of group “Factory” has made an unexpected statement. Irina Toneva is always careful to hide his personal life from the public. But now the singer started talking about what’s in her heart.

      Irina Toneva refers to those public personalities who guard their privacy from unwanted attention. Earlier, the singer did not advertise the romantic relationship and also talked about procreation. Fans of the star could only guess about her plans for the future.

      Suddenly Irina decided to make a statement, which led to the delight of her fans. Answering the journalists ‘ question about who Toneva wants to meet you, star said, “With your child”. From these words we can conclude that the singer thought about the birth of a baby, and it is possible that soon she will appear before the public with a rounded tummy.

      Interestingly, just recently the soloist of popular group “Factory” presented to the friends of his companion. At the party, dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the band “Ivanushki International”, the singer arrived not alone, but together with a man. All night the lovers did not depart from each other on a step and caused the emotion. Alex was the name chosen Coneway is a dancer and works in a team with the singer.

      Meanwhile, Irina prefers to keep the intrigue and questions about his favorite male answers very evasively. Star only confirms the fact that her heart is occupied.

      Irina Toneva once again fell in love

      “I like it straight, light, open, neutral-wise-eye-views. To communicate with other I will, if only to feel human and not “undermined”, — said Irina. — But in the man most importantly — caring toward me. And rigor, responsibility and discipline at the same time easy-going. In love with I am now? Yes.

      By the way, changes are coming not only in your personal life Coneway, but also in her work. Irina is actively engaged in a solo career. She writes new songs and is planning a number of independent performances.

      “I only recently started to feel the reaction of the viewer, although it has been not much time since the launch, and the songs just come to life in recording studios. Year we have to play, worked on the clean arrangements and visualization. The first released track “On Top”. Now we grind the material and believe in the power of music,” admits Toneva in an interview, “Peopletalk”.