Irina Toneva surprised by the choice of attire for a wedding with a young lover

Ирина Тонева удивила выбором наряда на свадьбу с молодым избранником
The singer secretly got married with her lover in the capital’s registry office.

Ирина Тонева удивила выбором наряда на свадьбу с молодым избранником

Irina Toneva


Alexey Brigitte

Photo: Social networks

39-year-old Irina Toneva secretly mixing became a married lady! The chosen singer was 27-year-old choreographer Alexei Brigitte, who worked in her team. The lovers got married in the registry office Khoroshevskaya Moscow surrounded by only the closest friends and relatives.

Wedding trip the couple postponed because of the busy schedule, which currently did not allow them to spend honeymoon. However, Irina and Alexey necessarily plan to fly away on a romantic ride, but do it a little later. The age difference with her husband Toneva not bother. She has the sincere feelings to your spouse, which is almost never parted. The pair even traveled together on tour.

For solemn painting Toneva chose a very unusual dress, which led to the confusion of her fans. The wedding day the singer was wearing a short white dress, decorated with lace. The dress looks casual and is not delighted the fans of the actress. But they are still insanely happy for Irina. She’s long sought happiness and, it seems, has finally found him.

With her husband’s relatives Irina immediately had a warm relationship. For a wedding especially from Kharkov flew Alexei’s mother, commented on the event in the life of her son. “We have Ira and immediately there was understanding, many common interests, that’s as if known each other forever! Think she will be perfect wife Alex caring, kind, considerate!” — quotes its StarHit.