Ирина Тонева выпустила сразу 2 сольных трека
The singer unveiled a new song.

Irina Toneva

Photo: Ekaterina Mironova

Immediately after the holidays the soloist of group “Factory”,
singer and actress Irina Toneva has pleased his fans with the release of
two solo songs “On top” and “Come”.

Electronic sound, equipped with the lyrical, but full of dynamics
texts became a new stage in creativity of the artist. Now, working in parallel at the
group Factory, Toneva develops its own project, which, according to
Irina was a reflection of her soul and attitude. “In our songs of love
has a more global and subtle way. We’re talking about light alone
inside each sometimes through the pain works wonders,” says

The words of solo songs Irina writes itself, the music — together with
the two musicians have been inseparable for 8 years.

Plans Irina album and a solo concert, where
to complement the music will be themed specially created
video installations.

Despite the fact that the song “On top” and “Come” only
appeared on music venues, the solo project Coneway has already won
attention and public recognition. In December 2016, Irina received the award in
award “Intrigue” for the most intriguing sound.