Ирина Темичева открыла диету, которая «работает» только раз в жизни
The star of the show “Girls, don’t give up” on STS has tried many diets before I found one that really helps to cope with the extra weight.

Irina Temicheva

Photo: kino-teatr.ru

Experiment with the power she was born July 17,
when unexpectedly recovered as much as 10 pounds.
Start your search for the ideal means, which
would help to freshen up, get rid of the belly and the second
chin, she went for it. Spent a week on the bitter chocolate — and “earned” only acne on face and stomach problems. And the extra weight is gone. Start drinking water pills (this
method used model) and learned what dizziness… “of all the diets that I have ever experienced
myself have found only one effective, — said Irina. True,
the maximum result you will achieve once in my life, the second time she
will not be as effective. The diet is quite simple: empty the buckwheat
green tea without sugar and water. For a week the body is cleared fantastically.
For example, my husband (producer
Victor Bondaruk. — Approx. ed.) for a week got rid of eight kilograms, and friends
got rid of four or five. The main thing — then not to break and
continue to keep your hands to yourself”.

And to control myself and not break, Temicheva started running
in the morning, and not only in the hall and on the street. In 20 years became a vegetarian,
ideological reasons by giving up meat. She goes to bed hungry because
that’s not having dinner. And consoles himself with the fact that the morning will be able to afford all that
anything: a casserole, and hash Browns and sour cream, and sweet…

An elaborate system and now helps her look great during
the growth of 167 cm
she weighs 45

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