Ирина Темичева разбила семью
On the set of the new series STS “Girls, don’t give up” striking blonde turned to the other woman.

Ирина Темичева разбила семью

Trainee Oksana (Irina Tolmacheva) changed literally everything in the popular news program, which is conducted by the wife of Dimitri (Danila
Danube) and Leroy (Mary Valeska). The girl came to master the skill of the presenter, but her appearance
suddenly became serious test of the relationship of the couple. Punchy and energetic Oksana eventually rescued She and her husband, and the lead anchor. The couple broke up. And after the divorce, Valerie discovered that she was pregnant. It is not against the return of the former, but Dmitry already enthusiastically building a relationship with the vivacious blonde. By the way, Oksana soon
time also proved to be “interesting position”… now what to do dime? Whom to choose?.. This is just one of many scenes of new series “Girls, don’t give up,” which viewers will be able to watch from may 14.

By the way, behind the scenes Valeska Maria and Irina Tolmacheva fast friends that
miraculously helped them to interact in the scenes where they play rivals. And Dunaev, talking about his hero, admits: “My hero — in fact, I myself, Daniel from the past approximately seven years ago. So I
understand the torment of his hero. And the fact that I was older than him, only added to the role of volume. I’m not just passionate
portrayed his problems: I asked them philosophically…”

Comedy series “Girls, don’t give up” is the story of five friends: the former model (Lyubov Tolkalina), the presenter (Maria Waleska), businesswoman (Anna
flight attendants (Victoria, Koblenko) and students (Agniya Kuznetsova). They all dream about love, but circumstances
transform their lives
in a roller coaster with steep turns and an unpredictable ending. In the series appeared, Alexey Makarov, Kirill Safonov, Andrey Chernyshov, Victor Loginov, Danila Dunaev, Stas Kostyushkin and
other stars. One of the main roles will be and Maxim Averin. He played a charismatic alcoholic who will fall in love with the heroine
Love Tolkalina. As it turned out, the actor
really liked the pilot of “Girls,” and he, in his words, “hinted
the film company “Russian” that would not mind to do this
project. “I first auditioned for a different role, but then on the horizon appeared
alcoholic Vadim and I thought, “My
role!” With a hero you never get bored!”

Series “Girls, don’t give up”, which is mixed funny and sad
turned out, according to the creators, and problem — recognizable. It remains to see how the characters deal with them.

Premiere on may 14 at 21.00 at the CTC.