Irina Starshenbaum became the wife Roma of the Beast

Ирина Старшенбаум стала женой Ромы Зверя The star of the blockbuster novel “Gravity” played a major role in the new film by Kirill Serebrennikov. The role of the spouse of Irina Starshenbaum went to the musician Roma the Beast. The leader of the popular group first tried his hand as an actor.
Ирина Старшенбаум стала женой Ромы Зверя

The press service of the film by Kirill Serebrennikov based on the little-known facts from the biography of the leader of “Kino” Viktor Tsoi, has unveiled the names of the actors on set. As it turned out, the founder of the group Zoopark Mike Naumenko played the leader of the “Beasts” of the Roman Beast, and his wife Natalia was the star of the blockbuster “Gravity” Irina Starshenbaum. That the main role went to Korean artist teo Yu, was known in the past year.

The film’s producer Ilya Stewart emphasizes that the film is not a biopic. “Kirill Serebrennikov tells the story of three characters – Mike, Natalie and Victor, as well as events that occurred in the summer of 1981 in Leningrad around the legendary rock club,” he says. According to Stuart, the audience expects a lot of music of that time.

Ирина Старшенбаум стала женой Ромы Зверя

Before agreeing to participate in the film Serebrennikov, Roman Beast never acted in films. The musician thanked the Director for the collaboration.

“My debut film was thanks to Kirill Serebrennikov. Thank you for the trust and the unique opportunity to create and work with wonderful and talented people”, – says Roman.
Ирина Старшенбаум стала женой Ромы Зверя

In turn, Irina Starshenbaum admitted that he had received a lot of unforgettable experiences on the set of one of the most anticipated paintings of famous artist.

“The task of the Director was to recreate the atmosphere of life in Soviet “community”, Bohemia, and friends who drank port and listened to music, opened a freedom in itself living in lack of freedom. All they had was ours: gatherings with friends, books, music, conversations in the kitchen till the morning and love. Throughout the filming period, I was entranced as the teenage love, group, artists, atmosphere and life… Petersburg, the night, the best people and professionals in the country. I am overwhelmed with happiness when I understand that this movie was made in love, freedom and rock,” says the actress.

According to Starshenbaum, viewers will see Summer this year. According to journalists, now the film is under post-production. It is expected that the film will be ready by the middle of the second quarter of 2018. The exact release date of the new work Serebrennikov has not yet been reported. It is known that the Director edited the picture, while under house arrest on charges of embezzlement of budget funds in the implementation of the project “Platform”. Artist arrested on the set of “Summer” in St. Petersburg and brought to Moscow.