Irina Slutskaya told about grueling exercise and burning tears

Ирина Слуцкая рассказала об изнурительных тренировках и горючих слезах The world champion was first told about the difficulties faced by early childhood on the way to a successful career. Slutskaya shared memories with the fans. Skater has repeatedly lost on the ice, I reproached myself for it and worked harder.
Ирина Слуцкая рассказала об изнурительных тренировках и горючих слезах

Irina Slutskaya has come a long way in my career. Several times the skater became the winner in the international competitions. Athlete has made a series of posts for fans in Instagram, in which he described how it was difficult for her to succeed and conquer new heights in your discipline.

Ирина Слуцкая рассказала об изнурительных тренировках и горючих слезах “I ride as long as I can remember… namely, four years. As many mom first brought me to the ice. The choice of sport, in my case, was very simple. Skates or skis. Often ill child needed to be outdoors for quenching and immune support. And ice “Locomotive” was next. For mom, working two jobs, that was the deciding factor,” – said the skater.

According to Irina, a second mother for her became the coach Zhanna Feodorovna Gromova. The woman found an approach to the young athlete. One of the most vivid memories Slutskaya believes the day of arrival for foreign journalists in Russia. Then a competition was announced for a foreign magazine, chose the most talented skater. For Irina, this news came as a shock.

“When he came home the night before, I wept bitter tears. I didn’t have dresses… Choking, I told my mother about the trouble, and she’s only comforted, assuring that everyone in any case will turn out. Early in the morning I saw the impossible lovely yellow dress with red ruffles. Mom sewed it all night, until dawn. Scraps, pieces of old fabrics from the neighbors – this was my future, the most beautiful dress in my life! And I believed it. So much so that, as a reward, my mom still keeps a journal in which does not understand a single word”, – said the athlete.

Slutskaya noted that today’s figure skating many years ago are two completely different things. According to athletes, current athletes think very differently.

“Every six months, the students of all schools of figure skating to take tests. And now, of course, rent. But not like this. I remember the coach with flowers, we all dressed up, the excitement was, it seemed, to touch. For me it was not just a formality but a real holiday. The opportunity to show itself in all its glory. Those who could not cope with the implementation of standards – deducted. And of course, many were horrified. But I don’t. To me all this fuss and competition acted as a stimulator of incredible power! I did everything else better, higher, stronger”, – said Irina.

Irina said that was never considered talented. Slutskaya remembered the case, when it ranked 22nd out of 29, and her friends at the shop were in the top five. “Throughout my career, I always had to work more than others. Someone flexible, someone’s Jumpy. The only thing that was in me from nature, and I was fast. The movement was quick and sharp. And, actually, everything!” – said the skater.

According to Irina, the coach even doubted the success of the future stars. Slutskaya was not flexible, which is necessary for the ice dancing, but the girl’s mother coached her every day movements that she was getting plastic elements.

“Gifts and talents is wonderful and beautiful. But 95% of sport achievements and the hard work of athletes, their parents and coaches,” said champion.

Buy skate shoes became a real event for a figure skater. In the USSR they would not get it, the shoes were sold in two stores and was very uncomfortable to practice on the ice. “You skates. There were only two options: Lada, where you can easily and beautifully to break to pieces his nose, and workshops, which were hunted”.

In such shoes it was difficult and uncomfortable to jump on the ice. Irina remembered how athletes from other countries were surprised at the dexterity of the Russian skaters. “And when I got my first dress from Atelier, sequined and “foreign” skating is my delight, enthusiasm and morale simply had no limit. I thought I will raise up to the sky, barely touching the ice… And I say now there is no opportunity”, – said the champion.