Irina Slutskaya has revealed the secret of his victories on the ice

Ирина Слуцкая раскрыла секрет своих побед на льду
Skater indulged in nostalgia.

Photo: Instagram

Irina Slutskaya told his fans, how he got to the section of figure skating and depended on what her future victory.

“I ride as long as I can remember… namely, from the age of 4, as many mom first brought me to the ice— skater wrote in a personal blog. — Select a sport, in my case, was very simple. Skates or skis. Often ill child needed to be outdoors for quenching and immune support. And ice “Locomotive” was next. For mom, working two jobs, that was the deciding factor… I trained for a few months and then got sick. And no longer wanted to go back there. It was at that moment my mother and I went to Sokolniki, which to this day is considered the beginning of my path, my “home” as a figure skater. After all, there is in my life came my second mother — Zhanna Gromova, which we didn’t break up before the end of my career in the sport.My coach, my support, the hand that I was sent. I am often asked what was the secret of our Union. And I still don’t know until the end. She just found approach. From the very first meeting. Always know how and what to tell me. Like mom. On the way to the arena she then said to me: “Ira, you must try! The new coach will be very hard for you. And you should” And I did. Very.

Every six months the students of all schools of figure skating to take tests. And now, of course, rent. But not so… I remember the coach with flowers, we all dressed up, the excitement was, it seemed, to touch. For me it was not just a formality but a real holiday. The opportunity to show itself in all its glory. Those who could not cope with the implementation of standards — deducted. And of course, many were horrified. But I’m not! To me all this fuss and competition acted as a stimulator of incredible power! I did everything else better, higher, stronger. Probably already Zhanna Fyodorovna noticed this my feature. And then not once used it. Stress stimulated me so much that I gave up riding at the limit of their possibilities. The excitement was growing in me like a snowball like an avalanche. It reached climax, I went on the ice… And then white noise. Nothing was left except for the incredible strength of his desire to make the best. To prove to everyone and yourself first, what I can do. Can the best. Perhaps it was my secret that I was tortured for many years. Only I didn’t realize it then. And that’s the secret-I threw on a pedestal!”