Irina Slutskaya became friends with a rival

Ирина Слуцкая подружилась с соперницей
Skater in Tokyo was found with a colleague.

Photo: Instagram

Irina Slutskaya and Shizuka Arakawa had met on the ice, competing with each other. Slutskaya represented Russia, and Arakawa — Japan. Called both very strong skaters, and at that point they often were “in sync.” Friendship under such conditions, of course, was impossible. And time especially was not: the constant training took all my free time.

The biggest “battle” took place between the rivals at the Olympic games in Turin in 2006. All the experts predicted the victory of Slutskaya, but, alas, during a speech skater failed a jump and fell, losing the hope to win. In the end, the gold medal was won by Shizuka. Our athlete got bronze. Second place was then awarded to the American Sasha Cohen.

After Turin both skater has officially retired from the sport. And Irina, and Shizuka took up ice dancing, and career on TV, periodically comment on major sporting events.

Skater was found in Tokyo during the trip, Irina Japan.

“10 years ago were rivals but now colleagues and moms,” signed their joint photo Slutskaya.

Now the skaters have nothing to share, so it is not surprising that a girl of a similar fate could become friends after years of rivalry.