Irina Shayk was suspected of treason to the groom

Ирину Шейк заподозрили в измене жениху
Fans of the singer fear that the model can throw Bradley Cooper.

Ирину Шейк заподозрили в измене жениху

Irina Shayk and Ali Kavoussi

Photo: @irinashayk (Instagram Irina Shayk)

The last time Irina Shayk puzzling their fans. The fact that she
constantly appears in the society of a certain man who behaves as
if he is her boyfriend. Meanwhile the groom
Irina and the father of her baby, Leah, born in March of this year, anywhere near not visible. And it’s a concern
fans Shake.

Companion Irina with whom it is increasingly
appears the public — Ali Kavoussi, fashion photographer-turned
Manager of model Agency. 31-year-old Irina presents it all as his friend. However, the pictures that Shake puts
on his page in the social network, giving rise to serious doubts. Before
all, we are talking about the frame, taken on the beach in Los Angeles, where Irina and Ali
lie side by side on the beach. Moreover, Irina, leaning forward in a very candid bikini, shows
your lush bust, and Ali looks at the same time, it is not friendly. This
the scene caused fans almost unambiguous reaction: they began to discuss Ali,
considering his new boyfriend, Irina. And they did not like, because not
so long ago Shake and Cooper seemed to be such a friendly couple…

Irina Shayk with her friends and Ali Kavoussi

Photo: @irinashayk (Instagram Irina Shayk)

Incidentally, a few days before
this Shayk shared another photo, which she sealed with a couple of friends
and Kavoussi. Moreover, Irina hugs Ali by the shoulders, and the photo she signed quite strange: “Family dinner”. And it caused
consternation of fans of the model. “Where’s Bradley Cooper?!?” — trying to understand the fans
Irina. Bradley really rarely see next to Irina. Of course, we know that it is a lot
removed. But still, how do you think the girlfriend Shayk, Cooper could be given to Irina and
daughter more time. Because such a spectacular girl like Shake is unlikely to be
a long lonely.