Irina Shayk was going to be a man

Ирина Шейк собиралась стать мужчиной
The model spoke about her difficult childhood.

Ирина Шейк собиралась стать мужчиной

Irina Shayk


Irina Shayk in youth


It is now Irina Shayk is all about what can only dream model: stay at the most expensive resorts, the relevance of the work and novels with the most enviable bachelors of the Western show-business. But it was not always. In his latest interview with GQ magazine, Russian model admitted that in his childhood never dreamed of such a life.

“I was born and raised in a tiny town. I never considered myself beautiful. And in 14 years I dreamed of being a boy was all ready to give. I thought I was terrible and will never be able somebody will like it…” — said Irina.

According to Shake, the path to the stars for it was long and thorny. In 20 years, she came to the auditions and hungry in the most simple clothes, which was enough money. Compared to the rivals she felt like a beggar. However, not lost hope to reach and always continued to fight for their place under the sun.

The result is a career 30-year-old Irina has developed brilliantly, and in the personal life of the Russian star can boast of great success. Not only that, she was able to fall in love with Hollywood actor Bradley Cooper, but, it seems, will soon deprive him of the status of the enviable groom. There are rumors that he is preparing to make the Shake offer, but Irina is already beginning to think about the children. So, it is possible that soon will be a wedding one of the most spectacular pairs of foreign show business.

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