Irina Shayk tried on a wedding dress

Ирина Шейк примерила подвенечное платье
The supermodel is planning a wedding with Bradley Cooper.

Ирина Шейк примерила подвенечное платье

Irina Shayk

Photo: @irinashayk (Instagram Irina Shayk)

Irina Shayk


Seeing the latest pictures
Irina Shayk next to an elegant white wedding dress, many fans of the model
suspected that Irina is preparing for the marriage and chooses her wedding outfit. Despite the fact that Sheik got engaged with her boyfriend Bradley Cooper in December
2016 and already gave birth to his daughter Leah (which soon it will be a year),
they are still not only married, but never even discussed that
going to formalize their relationship. However, fans do not lose hope
the fact that the wedding will take place.

It turned out that photo
shared by Irina, was advertising: Shayk is preparing to take
participate in the Week of the wedding dresses in Barcelona. Shows her outfit — one of those that she will be showcasing on the catwalk. Many have noticed that in the picture
The shake looks amazing: not only is she fully regained their
antenatal form, her figure, as many believe, is even better.

Interestingly, black
jumpsuit with lace sleeves let her show perfect
flat stomach. This, oddly enough, disappointed fans of the model — it’s
denied rumors that she is expecting her second child. About it
talking after the Shake along with Cooper, with whom she meets
2015, the year that saw the Los Angeles clinic, in the case where
engaged in the health of future mothers.