Irina Shayk stripped for the first time after giving birth

Ирина Шейк впервые оголилась после родов Model surprised fans with the from the pool. Irina Shayk who gave birth to a daughter in early April, showed a chic figure. Seeing the frame in the microblog star of the podium, members noted that it quickly back to its former shape.

      Ирина Шейк впервые оголилась после родов

      About two weeks ago a famous model Irina Shayk became a mother. She gave birth to her beloved Bradley Cooper daughter, which they called Lea de Shane Shake Cooper. The paparazzi have managed to capture Irina during a walk with the baby. Then fans of stars of the podium were actively discussing that she hadn’t come in shape after childbirth. Shake decided to respond to the spiteful critics.

      Irina Shayk went for the first walk with my daughter

      The model posted a shot of the pool, which is separate poses in a black bathing suit. Judging by the hashtag “current situation”, the photo was taken the other day. The young mother lies on a mattress and taking sun baths. The followers of the model said that she looks very happy, and wondered how she could so quickly return almost flat stomach after childbirth.

      “You look beautiful!”, “What a beauty”, “Chic beautiful! Health of mother and baby”, “You just gave birth? Amazing. A real inspiration!”, “Magnificent,” wrote the social network users.

      Recall that for a long time Irina tried to hide his interesting position. However, when the model appeared annual Victoria’s Secret lingerie, the audience noticed her changed shape. Acquaintances then Shake and Cooper confirmed that the stars will soon become parents. Before that the couple often argued about when to have children. Surrounded by celebrities, it was rumored that Bradley was even against the replenishment in the family.

      “We wondered why the mid-autumn Bradley suddenly began to treat her so tenderly, as if it’s made of glass. Now it is clear that he was blown away by the news about the baby. Bradley doesn’t like that Irina continues to work, but he doesn’t mind, just trying to surround her maximum comfort. He drives to airport and farewell kisses as they parted for years. She has to escape from his hands, so as not to miss the plane,” – said friends of the actor.

      Besides, according to Western tabloids, especially for the kid Bradley renovated the house for 4 700 000 $ in Pacific Palisades. It was in this huge house, the family feels comfortable. According to rumors, soon the stars will officially register the relationship. However, to date they do not disclose to avoid public attention.