Ирина Шейк рассказала об отношениях мамы и Брэдли Купера Popular model found happiness with a Hollywood actor. Last year, Shake was born daughter Lea. Now the family lives in the country house in Los Angeles. Irina said, what is the relationship between her family and Bradley Cooper.
Ирина Шейк рассказала об отношениях мамы и Брэдли Купера

32-year-old model Irina Shayk are happy with a famous actor, ladies man, Bradley Cooper. Together they are raising daughter Leah de Shane Shake Cooper, rarely try to appear in public and to draw attention to his personal life. As a recognized celebrity, she had been thinking about the birth of a child, but there were obstacles, because of which she became a mother only at the age of 31.

“This is the most beautiful and powerful feeling that I have experienced in life, love for his daughter. I really wanted to be a mother. And I don’t understand all this talk about when right and when wrong to have a baby. I think the question is not to find the perfect, the right moment for children, and an ideal partner first and foremost. But when it will happen is another story. My sister had her first child at age 22, and it was the perfect time. I’m 31 and I’m a mom and I believe this is also the perfect time for me. I believe that family and friends are generally the only meaning of our existence in the world. I was lucky to be born in a friendly and strong family. Parents have lived for 20 years until the father died of pulmonary disease. But the example of their lives and family happiness, despite all the difficulties, remained forever in front of me,” admitted Irina.

Speaking of family, Sheik could not help but note how proud their mother and grandmother. They model always take an example. As Irina remembers grandmother was beautiful both externally and internally. She skillfully dressed and looked after him. Unfortunately, the woman was gone about a year ago. “And dad, and grandma – they are always in my heart,” he told the star.

Irina Shayk tries to take care of loved ones and gives them a lot of time. That is why she is willing to sacrifice some of the projects, to spend time with the beloved man and daughter. By the way, Cooper gets along well with the mother.

“I believe that the beloved woman can find a good balance and not to sacrifice family for work. The best advice I got was to be honest with yourself, to be good to people and don’t take yourself too seriously. My daughter was lucky. She has two wonderful grandmas. My mom and Gloria, mother of Bradley. They have a great relationship as I have with Gloria,” said Irina.

As reported by the Shake in the interview with the magazine “7 days”, if she’s completed a career as a model, I will dedicate himself to the family and charity.