Ирина Шейк спровоцировала слухи о беременности
The figure of the model is noticeably rounded.

Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper


Fans of Irina Shayk looking forward to confirm the news of her new pregnancy. The recent images captured by reporters, usually superstrain model looks a bit rounded, and it is usually completely flat
the belly is slightly convex. Besides, Irina, who always preferred clothes that emphasize her
gorgeous figure, suddenly “forgot” about their favorite tight t-shirts and
jeans, loving the outfits casual. So shopping in Los Angeles, held
on the days that she went with her boyfriend and the father of daughters
Leah — Bradley Cooper, Irina dressed accordingly. She dressed in a very
a short but loose dress “leopard” color. Moreover, a careful
consideration under this dress could be seen slightly protruding

Recall the first time that Irina is expecting a second child started talking at the beginning
February of this year. Then the paparazzi caught the Shake and Cooper in Los Angeles, in the Parking lot of the medical
the UCLA center, which specializiruetsya on planning a pregnancy. They
out of this institution holding hands, radiantly smiled, and looked
at the same time, perfectly happy.

Irina has never hidden that dreams of a big family and not
want to have only one child. However, my first “child” — Leia — she made
at the light, not too early, she was then already 31 years old. And, as
assured at the time, the Shake, it wasn’t that she previously believed
if they were too young to be a mom. “I don’t think that there is some
the “right” time to have children. Actually, you just need to find my
the “right” man…” — said Irina. And, apparently, in the face of Cooper
she found just such a partner,
what were looking for.