Irina Shayk showed the grown daughter

Ирина Шейк показала подросшую дочку
Fans argue, who looks like a girl.

Ирина Шейк показала подросшую дочку

Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper with his daughter


Fans models have a rare opportunity
to see the face of Leia’s daughter Irina Shayk, which two months ago was a year old. In fact, Irina does not like
show your baby — she does not publish her photo online and doing everything to
as little as possible to catch the eye of paparazzi. But even when reporters could
to shoot Shake with Leah, the girl’s face usually can not be considered. So, when
photographers caught Irina last summer, so low she pulled Leah Panama,
her eyes could not be seen at all.

This time reporters were lucky: they found Irina
and the father, boyfriend of the model — Bradley Cooper when they were walking down the street
Of new York, without bothering about their usual “conspiracy”. Bradley was carrying Leah in the Bjorn and a pretty face girls has been opened. Now fans are arguing who you look like
baby. The majority came to the conclusion that on Cooper.

Incidentally, recently there have been persistent
rumors that Leah will soon have a brother or sister. About it began to speak
once caught Irina and Bradley coming out of the clinic, specializing
on the fertility problems. And if the Shake and Cooper decided on a second child
this, in principle, would not be surprising. After Shake time and again
admitted that very much loves children. In addition, the presence of Lei, as it turned out, not
prevents Irene to continue her professional activities. Because in addition to the nanny, Shake helps her mother. But Bradley, when not busy filming, too, willingly engaged in with the child.

Irina Shayk