Irina Shayk showed how it looked at adolescence

Ирина Шейк показала, как выглядела в подростковом возрасте
The famous model posted a rare picture in the microblog.

Irina Shayk sister

Photo: Instagram

Around the exterior of Irina
Shake constantly raging debates about whether beauty Russian model
natural or are the result of successful plastic surgery. The model published a picture rare in adolescence, which probably will be a point in
endless speculations about the possible intervention of cosmetic surgeons.

On the photo Irina worth
next to her older sister Tatiana Peterkova. The girl, unlike the Shake, still
lives in Chelyabinsk, raising two children. “Happy birthday
my darling little sister!” — has signed a snapshot of the model. Congratulations sisters
Irina was joined by members of the model, wishing Tanya all the

Herself a Shake continues to be
one of the most popular models of modernity. Recently, by the way, Irina
surprised fans with an unexpected change of image. The model appeared on the cover
fashion magazine “Numero”
saturated with ultra-short hair. Fans, however, hope that the photo shoot was
used wig, and the Shake is still not parted with their gorgeous tresses.

We will remind that Irina was not only successful in
career but in his personal life. Model Dating Hollywood actor
Bradley Cooper, who are all expected, she soon plans to play
wedding. By the way, a week ago Shayk has shared with fans the first joint
selfie with her lover. The picture in the tub it turned out as always Frank
and sexy.

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