Irina Shayk showed her child

Ирина Шейк впервые показала своего ребенка
Rumors about problems in the relationship model with Bradley Cooper.

Irina Shayk with a child


This year the paparazzi
has always shown a heightened interest in the Irina Shayk, follow it just
persistent. And finally, the efforts of the reporters was a success: they managed
shoot Irina with her little daughter Leah De Sien that she gave birth in March this year.

The paparazzi caught the model / daughter
Los Angeles while shopping. Girl Shake dressed in a hat and striped overalls.
Irina was dressed without unnecessary hardship: a white t-shirt, training trousers and sneakers. However,
The shake is not always strives to look glamorous. For example, in the photo,
recently, during her visit to Russia, Irina, is dressed
not in designer clothes, posed … in the coop!

And just Irina every year
visiting his grandmother Nina, living in the city of Sibay, located in Bashkiria. Granny model is breeding all sorts of insects (including chickens). By the way,
Nina is a great mistress in the kitchen. And every time to it
come beloved granddaughter, she literally
sakarlal her scones, cookies, homemade pickles, salads… And Shake all
it absorbs the appetite. As he admitted once the model is coming to Russia,
it is time to forget about all diets. However, in Israel, where the Sheik held
a few days after the visit to Russia, it is also not too carefully considered “calories”, allowing himself
enjoy Oriental cooking.

It is curious that the father of the child, Bradley
Cooper, next to Irina was not in Russia, nor in Los Angeles. However, he
did not appear next to Shake for quite some time, although it is officially considered it
bride. They got engaged in December of last year, he had given her on the occasion
stunning engagement ring with an emerald. But lately Bradley see Irina so
rare that already began to circulate rumors about
serious problems in their relationship.