Irina Shayk showed brave the swimsuit

Ирина Шейк показала смелый снимок в купальнике
The model is immersed in motherhood.

Irina Shayk

Photo: @irinashayk (Instagram Irina Shayk)

Recently Irina Shayk once again delighted his fans. She tweeted a new stunning photos. In this photo Irina, wearing a tiny bikini and swims in his pool. Fans of the model, examine this photo, came to the conclusion that just a few months after the birth of her daughter, Irina is almost back to its prenatal form.

The restoration of harmony was given to Irina, like most women, is not easy. She had order for this to sweat in the gym and closely monitor their diet, in normal times, Irina, according to her statement, in compliance with not too fanatically.
For the last time, that is, after the birth of the little girl that Irina and her boyfriend Bradley Cooper called Lei De Sien, Shake seen outside her home primarily in two places: in a sports club, where she practices every day and in the market where Irina together with her mother, recently arrived in Los Angeles to help Irina to a child, goes mostly for berries, vegetables and fruit. All the while, Sheik spends at home, taking care of little Leah.

As for the girl’s father — Bradley Cooper, who last year made a proposal to Irene, giving her an amazing ring with an emerald, the Sheik sees infrequently. In fact, he is now really busy – Bradley working on the film “a Star is born”, where he not only played a major role, but also became a screenwriter and Director. But girlfriend Irina say that she’s a little offended by her fiance because he pays her child so little time. Besides, Cooper in his interviews ready to talk about anything but not about Irene and about his little daughter, which is also not too nice Shake….