Ирина Шейк показала помолвочное кольцо

30-year-old Irina Shayk appeared on the streets of Los Angeles with a ring on the ring finger. Decoration with a huge emerald surrounded by diamonds, apparently, gave her boyfriend Bradley Cooper.

Ирина Шейк показала помолвочное кольцо

In the network appeared pictures of Irina Shayk (Irina Shake) with a ring on the ring finger. Media sure beloved model Bradley Cooper (Bradley Cooper) has finally proposed to her.

The ring resembles the shape of what is Kate Middleton (Kate Middleton) with only one difference: the stone at the Duchess in blue, and the model green.

Photos published on TMZ (@tmz_tv) Dec 15 2016 8:18 PST

“Bradley secretly gave Irina the ring when it became known that they were pregnant,” says one of the insiders. — They are a wonderful couple. Irina and Bradley are looking forward to the new baby this summer and already know who is going to be a boy or a girl.”

The couple started Dating last spring. Rumors about the pregnancy Shayk appeared at the end of October, and on show Victoria’s Secret she first showed rounded tummy.