Irina Shayk said the ideal time for having children

Ирина Шейк сказала идеальное время для рождения детей

Model Irina Shayk as no one else know about sudden success, which overtook it last year. She got engaged to Hollywood actor Bradley Cooper and gave birth to a daughter. In an interview for the magazine HOLA! Irina has told, the best time to choose for the birth of the child and not only.

Ирина Шейк сказала идеальное время для рождения детей

“I don’t think there is a perfect time for having children. First you need to find your man, the perfect man,” admits the model.

After giving birth, model did not linger long on maternity leave and after a couple of months went to the catwalks of famous fashion shows. Daring sexuality now replaced by tenderness and complacency. This can be seen in the subsequent photo shoot for Every Wear Book from the brand Intimissimi, which Shake has been operating since 2006. In the photoshoot, the model appeared before the lens in its natural form. “These photos exude honesty and sincerity. They convey the idea of soothing comfort that fits in perfectly with the concept of a collection, items which can be worn constantly, as if they were your second skin. I think there’s nothing sexier than a sense of comfort in my own body… At least, there is nothing more sexy than Irina Shayk,” the photographer told Rowan Papier, who was filming.

Ирина Шейк сказала идеальное время для рождения детей

“In this project, Rowan introduced me in a clean and intimate manner, stressing a softer and in a sense, even the vulnerable side of my personality. In short, he was able to portray the real me.” said the model on the work of their partner.

“Sexuality women absolutely depends on you wearing heels and a push-up or not. Sexuality is an inner harmony, which happens to do magic. And if harmony is not, it is very much felt. Try first to please myself, not to man — as soon as you build the ideal relationship with you, he will be yours,” says Irina about the real sexuality of women.

The girl started learning to love myself since high school, when classmates loved to tease her. The kids called the “Chunga-Changa” because of dark skin, but because of the high growth it received in the party statements, such as “plywood”. “I just wasn’t paying attention. Did what I wanted,” says Shake. For your success star thanks to his mother and grandmother. In honor of the last model even made a tattoo on his ankle “Galia”. “According to my mother who raised my sister and me alone, every woman should plant a tree, build a house and raise children. So I have the same plans. Let’s see what happens, ” says Irina.