Ирина Шейк в Evening Standard о жизни, съемках и насмешках

Irina Shayk popular model and mother of one-year-old daughter, who gave birth to actor Bradley Cooper. In his personal life to the press, she has not committed, but there are always exceptions, especially if the interviewer is a famous magazine. In the Internet appeared the cover of the new issue of the Evening Standard, the character was Irina. The magazine published an interview in which Shayk has shed some light on the past and the present.

Ирина Шейк в Evening Standard о жизни, съемках и насмешках

For a start about the cover: the theme is summer. 32-year-old Shayk appeared in a green leotard Topshop. Author vivid photo shoot was Ellen von Unwerth. As in interview to Irina tell a lot about his past, the model appeared in the outfits to the style of the 80s.

Journalists always asked about the affair with Bradley Cooper, but the model is not amenable to a deal — she said that the personal is not covered, but hinted that all her good. “In my free time I live like a normal person”, — said Irina.

Ирина Шейк в Evening Standard о жизни, съемках и насмешках
The model also spoke about the beginning of his career. Irina agreed to work only in order to help his family. “I had no idea what the model is working. Agreeing to work in France, thought only that will be able to shoot for a catalog and to help his family. Did not speak English. In Paris she lived in a small apartment with some other girls models. We only had 40 euros a week pocket money. On Sundays we chipped and bought rice and ate it because there was no money left. On Monday it was down in the subway with one Euro in my pocket and went to the Agency for money to live on for the next week. It was a difficult but fun time.”

Who would have thought that one of the most sought-after models have previously suffered from ridicule peers. Become a model she was not easy. “The other girls laughed at me and said that I don’t look like a model. They were superhuge and demand at shows. And I did not pass the auditions, because I couldn’t bear to wear clothes too small in size. I had dark skin and sexy figure had Breasts. Now I come to Paris, the driver picks me up and takes in a good hotel. Period lack of money made me realize that nothing comes easy. From this you appreciate it’s much higher.”

If you go into the personal life she wasn’t going, about the past told. She remembered life in Yemanzhelinsk, where she lived with her parents and sister. The father star was a miner, and died when she was 14 years old. Shake mom taught music at school and tried to give his daughters an education. “We traveled by bus to the theatre. Seven years I studied in musical school, which he hated. Was delighted when my sister accidentally broke my finger because I couldn’t go to the exam on the piano” — said Irina.

Irina also answered the question of when she will star Topless. “We live in the XXI century, when a woman can Express their sexuality and not be ashamed of my own body… I’m not Topless — this is my personal decision. But if they need me to be naked and I like the project, agree to undress. I like the photography as art”.